Inadine PVP-I NA Dressing 9.5cm x 9.5cm - Box (25)

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Inadine PVP-I Non Adherent Dressing gently and effectively delivers topical antimicrobial activity for acutely infected wounds. It is a topical wound dressing impregnated with an ointment containing 10% povidone iodine. The dressing also contains polyethylene glycol and purified water.

Inadine can be used as a primary dressing or in combination with other dressings. When Inadine dressing changes colour from orange to white, you know it’s time to put a new dressing on.

It is designed to protect the wound, even if infected. It is indicated for the management of ulcerative wounds and may also be used for the prevention of infection in minor burns and minor traumatic skin loss injuries.

Inadine is used to manage bacterial contamination and prevent infection in both chronic and acute wounds including:
• Minor burns
• Minor traumatic skin loss injuries
• Ulcers deriving from different aetiologies
• Pressure ulcers
• Diabetic foot ulcers