Nature’s Own Advanced Woundcare Solution

Manuka honey is a scientifically supported and internationally recognised wound care solution, accepted and valued by healthcare professionals across the globe. Ectocare remain at the forefront of advanced wound care products, employing the use of 100% Manuka honey sourced from New Zealand in a variety of specifically engineered wound dressings.

Ectocare’s wound care solutions include liquid wound dressing and Manuka honey impregnated gauzes which have been engineered to meet every conceivable wound care need. Manuka honey has vital applications for burns and scar tissue, ulcers, fungating and malodorous wounds, surgical entry points, wounds resulting from unexpected or chronic injury & general skin protection. 

Manuka honey is effective against 80+ types of bacteria including antibiotic resistant strains

Autolytic debriding action
The high osmolarity of Manuka honey cleanses the wound of slough and necrotic tissue

Malodour management
The bactericidal nature of Manuka honey reduces wound odour causing anaerobic bacteria
Lowers pH
The pH of a wound is reduced by the acidity of Manuka, resulting in decreased wound surface area

The high levels of antioxidants in Manuka honey create an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing oedema and exudate

Moist Wound Environment
The osmotic effect of Manuka creates a moist wound environment conducive to healing